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20 Cutting-Edge Commercial Interior Design Firms to Follow in 2024

CEO Khai Intela
Offices, salons, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial spaces rely on captivating interior designs to captivate customers. And the top commercial interior design firms are at the forefront of the industry, anticipating hot trends...

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Offices, salons, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial spaces rely on captivating interior designs to captivate customers. And the top commercial interior design firms are at the forefront of the industry, anticipating hot trends and promising collaborations between aesthetics and functionality in 2024. Take a look at these innovative firms that should be on your radar this year!

1. Gensler

gensler top commercial interior design firm

Established in 1935 by Art and Drue Gensler, Gensler is a pioneering force in corporate interior design. Today, they dominate the industry, handling projects ranging from airports to retail centers and educational facilities. Known for their design innovation, Gensler stays on top of current trends. For contemporary, futuristic, and comprehensive design styles, Gensler is the one to follow!

What sets them apart: Gensler prioritizes unique and enriched user experiences in their design strategies, making them a top choice in the industry.

2. Decorilla Commercial Interior Design Firm

Eclectic cafe by Sonia C with commercial interior design firm, Decorilla

Decorilla has revolutionized the design world with its forward-thinking approach to traditional, online, and virtual reality interior design. Whether it's hotel rooms, medical offices, or chic cafes, the Decorilla team excels in designing commercial interiors. With talented designers across the United States, Decorilla delivers top-notch results and fresh concepts for commercial spaces. Their work has been featured in renowned publications like the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and Architectural Digest.

Why we love them: Decorilla's dedication to pushing the boundaries of interior design using technology is truly impressive. Ready to transform your space? Get started with Decorilla today!

3. Kobi Karp

kobi karm commercial interior design firm

Kobi Karp is a renowned name in corporate interior design, with their designs regularly featured in famous publications. Their creative interior designers have worked on remarkable projects for leading corporations such as Hyatt, Hilton, and Starwood. From exotic beachside resorts to luxurious skyline-view hotels, Kobi Karp masters it all. Their projects are modern, crisp, and synonymous with luxury living.

What makes them stand out: Kobi Karp's designs exude glamour and opulence, with modern architectural features that never fail to impress.

4. Interior Architects

interior architects commercial interior design firm

Interior Architects is a design firm that creates chic and Instagram-worthy spaces. Their strong brand visuals incorporate modern technology seamlessly. Using unconventional materials, they craft attention-grabbing interiors with pure simplicity.

Why they caught our attention: Interior Architects' smart and unconventional use of materials sets them apart, resulting in eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

5. Smallwood

smallwood commercial interior design firm

Smallwood is known for creating thoughtful spaces that leave a lasting impression. With a focus on sustainability, their projects are modern and creatively designed. Smallwood has received various awards, including the Best of the Best Award by IIDA in 2019. Their expertise in hospitality design makes them a firm to watch in the coming years.

What caught our eye: Smallwood's ability to create mind-boggling commercial projects, especially in the realm of hospitality design, is truly impressive.

6. Nelson Worldwide


Nelson Worldwide, based in Minneapolis, is an award-winning commercial interior design firm that prioritizes human behavior when designing spaces. Their projects are built on insights into how psychology and character impact design. With a futuristic appeal, their designs subtly create warm and welcoming spaces.

What we find fascinating: Nelson Worldwide's ability to infuse a futuristic touch into every project in the most seamless way is truly remarkable.

7. Method Architecture

method architects commercial interior design firm

Method Architecture is a close-knit group of talented individuals that specializes in ego-less designs. Their clean, modern, sustainable, and user-friendly projects feature unique material play, resulting in stunning spaces. Method Architecture leaves their mark on corporate interiors and is a favorite among design aficionados.

What we admire about them: Method Architecture's ability to create clean, modern, and sustainable designs is captivating. Their designs for breweries, in particular, are a specialty worth mentioning.

8. Perkins & Will


Perkins & Will is a design giant that has made a significant impact on the architecture and design world. With offices worldwide and a portfolio that includes projects for top firms like Google and Facebook, Perkins & Will offers eco-friendly, modern, and minimal designs.

Why we admire them: Every project by Perkins & Will is a sight to savor. Their ability to create stunning spaces using eco-friendly and minimalistic designs is truly commendable.

9. SOM Corporate Interior Design Firm

som commercial interior design firm

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) is a pioneer in modern architecture and a key player in designing airports, malls, offices, and more. Their concept-based design strategies have earned them immense respect and accolades in the industry. SOM designers expertly mix modern materials into ecological environments to create a contemporary look.

What makes them special: SOM's ability to blend modern materials into eco-friendly environments to achieve a contemporary look is truly enthralling.

10. MKDA

mkda commercial interior design firm

MKDA is one of the most influential corporate interior design firms in the United States. Their design-rich approach to workplace design has earned them projects from top-notch brands. MKDA believes in incorporating form and function into corporate spaces, creating comfortable and enriching environments. As a family-owned design firm, MKDA has earned a well-deserved spot on our list.

What we love about them: MKDA is not afraid to experiment and achieve stellar designs. Their projects are a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and sustainability.

These are just a few of the top commercial interior design firms to watch in 2024, each offering unique perspectives and innovative designs. Stay tuned for the remaining firms that are making waves in the industry!

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