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20 Positive & Negative Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics

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Do you agree that people who are Cancer by horoscope are sensitive? Undoubtedly, this is one of the main traits characteristic of this zodiac sign from both positive and negative sides. However, there are many...

Do you agree that people who are Cancer by horoscope are sensitive? Undoubtedly, this is one of the main traits characteristic of this zodiac sign from both positive and negative sides. However, there are many other qualities and characteristics that have been given by stars to people born with Sun in Cancer. You will agree that in addition to being emotional and home-based creatures, they often get moody and feel insecure. What are other Cancer representatives qualities and characteristics?

Look: this article will explain the behavioral and relationship peculiarities featured by Cancer representatives based on their zodiac.

Cancer Sign Overview

Cancer Who is Cancer by horoscope? People born in the period June 21 and July 21 belong to Cancer astrological sign represented by the Crab symbol. It is a Water element ruled by the Moon and it is white and violet that are considered to be the spirit colors of this sign. These are emotional and sensitive people who hide in their shells in any unpredictable situation, but there are more other qualities of people born with Sun in Cancer too. lovely coupleFamous cancerians

Cancer Traits and Qualities

Many people face challenges trying to find an approach to such an introverted zodiac sign like Cancer. These people do not let others close and keep distance from everyone who tries to approach them. Therefore, it is important to understand the nature of these personalities and learning traits and qualities received from stars can be helpful in this situation.

Positive traits

Cancer astrological sign does not follow behind others when we speak about the number of positive qualities. People born with Sun in Cancer and ones who surround them should know the strengths of these personalities and this list will be a good hint for them.

  1. Loyalty. Every person wants to have a faithful friend, but if you choose Cancer for this role, you will get a loyal friend committed to another person for the rest of life. It is not easy to gain the trust of people born with Sun in this zodiac sign but people who manage to do that will get much in return. They are always ready to give a helping hand to people they love, so there are more devoted signs than this one.
  2. Protection. If the Crab has affection for another person, he is also overwhelmed with the feeling to protect him or her from any troubles. They value family and old friends very much, so they can sacrifice everything to save them in difficult situations. Their desire to secure near and dear can be compared with the parental instinct possessed by humans and animals, though sometimes they can go too far too.
  3. Intuition. There is no better adviser for the Crab than intuition. Their emotional nature tends to choose solutions suggested by intuition, not a practical mind. They are not used to thinking rationally and can read people thanks to the developed emotional psychic possessed. It helps them to avoid deceives and see right through other people.
  4. Care. The Crab is a nurturing and caring individual. On one side, it is the sensitive nature of these personalities that impacts them in this way. On the other side, Cancer is a generous person who never compensates on people they love, but they also require care, attention in return to feel absolutely happy.
  5. Sentimentality. Cancer finds it hard to get accustomed to new things and people, so they would rather stick to general old-fashioned rules than try to imagine something new instead. These people follow one person that attracted them and remember everything about him or her even after years of split up. The Crab considers it challenging to leave his parents’ home and does not hurry to throw away items that inspire memories.
  6. Charm. It is enough to meet Cancer in a good mood and you will be amazed by this person at first glance. They are adventurous and active, insightful and lenient, so they can be the center of any celebration. However, it is only by the time of changes in the Moon phase - this person can change completely too.
  7. Sense of humor. Cancers are funny. They understand jokes, can laugh at themselves as well as make others smile. Their observational skills help them to spot unique features of other people and mimic them.
  8. Creativity. The Crab never refuses from doing creative things. They enjoy arts and crafts as well as are interested in spiritual practices. They have a vivid imagination and like to express their feelings in an artistic manner. No wonder their intuition is so highly developed!
  9. Faithfulness. It is of great importance for the Crab to be emotionally tied with an individual he or she has romantic relationships with. These people are not ones to betray their spouses and would care about them happily. People born with this zodiac sign are even ready to pass away if their partner needs that.
  10. Tender heart. The Crab is an easy-to-hurt person who finds it difficult to communicate the feelings he has. Their nature is receptive and it seems they lack maturity in some life situations. Moreover, they understand other people’s feelings and experience them as their own ones.

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Negative traits

The Crab is not a perfect creature and therefore, it features not only good qualities. What should you expect from Cancer and how to minimize negative qualities if you are born with this zodiac sign? These are qualities to analyze.

  1. Overly sensitivity. Crabs are very offensive and it does not take much time and effort to force them to cry. Their sensitive soul reacts to any critical phrase and they tend to remember offenses long even if they were not that critical. They hold a grudge hiding in their shell and it often reflects on their self-esteem taking it down significantly.
  2. Moodiness. The emotional side of Crabs influences their mood greatly. Their number of emotions and feelings is so wide and complex that they often get puzzled. Therefore, they can go to extremes in a matter of seconds being happy right now and angry in a minute or so. Experts in astrology explain such changes by the Moon phases - the ruling planet of this zodiac sign.
  3. Revenge. Have you ever tried crab claws? This vindictive creature will punish everyone who crosses its way. The same goes for Cancer personalities who do their best to pave their way to success. However, if they see anyone standing on their way, they will put much effort to take revenge.
  4. Insecurity. Cancer overwhelming emotions impact the way it feels in different situations. When these emotions are influenced by the Moon phase, people born with Sun in this sign often feel nervous. Their sense of instability and vulnerability reflects on all spheres of their life including family and friends. They hide in their shells waiting for a better time to leave it.
  5. Pessimism. When the Crab gets moody, he tends to think pessimistic too. His active internal life and vivid imagination can lead to new unbelievable conclusions that stick in their mind and influence the decisions for a long time. Their ever-changing nature can’t cope with this drawback, so they often see the glass half empty rather than half full.
  6. Manipulation. Changes in the mood of the Crab are often considered a way to manipulate others. When a person is pleased with everything but suddenly starts crying in grief makes other people think that this person is not truthful. You will agree that some Cancers realize this fact and take advantage of it too!
  7. Unpredictability. Frequent mood swings make Crab personalities difficult or even impossible to predict. They can change not only mood but also opinions quite frequently being influenced by their state and intuition, so sometimes they surprise others with their solutions.
  8. Suspicion. A desire to feel protected and secure makes Cancer representatives suspect others. They need to feel in absolute safety to trust people and lack of this feeling makes them contradict the whole world and look for a trick.
  9. Resentfulness. Moon phases make Crabs feel resentful very frequently, but these people can’t get out of this state easily. They are more likely to build up it more persistently until they explode. Such destructive emotions often reflect on the behavior and attitude to themselves and other people. No wonder low self-esteem, misunderstandings and strange actions are often associated with Cancer personalities too.
  10. Laziness. In spite of the fact that Crab representatives are not full procrastinators, they still would not lift a finger if they are not in a good mood. Since it may happen rather often, much work they have to complete is laid on other people’s shoulders.

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Characteristics of Cancer

Now when it is clear what kind of people Cancerians are, it is necessary to understand how they build relationships with other people and cope with different responsibilities.


20 Positive & Negative Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics Loyal and sensitive Cancer personalities consider feelings a basement for all types of romantic relationships. They are gentle and nurturing to people they like and never think that someone can hurt them. They look for partners who will understand them without words and provide the same care as they do. It would be great if a partner shares Crab’s daily routines and makes him or her feel secure and protected.

One more important point to remember about Cancer is admitting unhealthy compromise in order to save their family. Therefore, they often suffer from relationships with selfish and abusive partners. 20 Positive & Negative Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics20 Positive & Negative Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics


The Crab values family and children very much. They always worry about family bonds and keep their memories about childhood and parents for years. When people of this zodiac sign give birth to children, they get caring and amazing parents who realize how their kids feel even if they are far away from them.


If you make friends with Cancer representative, you will find the best listener. They are great people to pour out a heart and their excellent intuition can help to give good advice too.

In fact, Crab individuals socialize with others gladly but it takes time to build trustworthy relationships with them. They start trusting people only when they prove their reliability, but sometimes their friends do not understand them thanks to their intuition and compassionate character.


20 Positive & Negative Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics When it comes to studying, Cancerians need silence and focus. They get good results only if they study alone. As a result, they have a strong grasp of the material only when they study in a comfortable atmosphere and have planned everything carefully. This person can share knowledge with others only after he completes the assignments himself.


Cancerians are responsible and persistent, so they will complete all the tasks set if it is necessary to do that. They work better alone and value the money they earn. They often save a certain amount and try to make good investments. They control not only their own budget but also the money of the whole family too.

The best professionals for the Crab are attorney, doctor, interior designer, executive officer, nurse, etc.

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Cancerians can adapt to multiple businesses thanks to their protective nature. However, they are more successful in businesses that bring about financial security. Their organizational skills make them excellent entrepreneurs, so they can achieve success in real estate, food, e-commerce, different businesses offering services, care and others.

Compatibility with other signs

Who is the best partner for Cancer? If to analyze all the zodiac signs for compatibility with the Crab, the best relationships can be built with:

  • Taurus;
  • Virgo;
  • Scorpio;
  • Pisces.

20 Positive & Negative Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics20 Positive & Negative Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics

Advice for a Cancer

If Cancer is your zodiac sign and you want to achieve more success in your life, here are several tips to consider:

  • Try to be more practical analyzing the situation;
  • Don’t be too committed to people you love, especially if they do not appreciate that;
  • Keep spirits high and don’t let your negative emotions take charge of you;
  • Be more confident to achieve heights;
  • Sound honest and open to prevent others from thinking that you manipulate them;
  • Set a maximum level of your understanding and be unforgiving when this line is crossed.

Tips for Relating to Cancer

If your spouse, colleague or friend is Cancer by zodiac sign, you should learn how to approach this person correctly. These are several pieces of advice on building relationships with the Crab.

  • If you feel care from Cancer, give similar nurturing in return;
  • Set an example and take Cancer to the ground when he should make important decisions;
  • Make the first step towards this person if you like him or her;
  • Don’t leave this person alone when he gets moody - try to raise the mood instead;
  • Invite these personalities to small companies - they get more open in a small circle of people;
  • Do not give any reason to be suspected or offend the Crab - it gets stuck in his head forever.

Famous People With A Cancer Zodiac Sign

An emotional nature of Cancer representatives has helped many of them to achieve the status of the celebrity and get famous all over the world. These are some of the popular personalities born with Sun in this zodiac sign.

  • Meryl Streep - actress
  • Ariana Grande - singer
  • Khloe Kardashian - celebrity
  • Pamela Anderson - model
  • Lindsay Lohan - actress
  • Tom Cruise - actor
  • Gisele Bündchen - model
  • Post Malone - rapper
  • Kevin Hart - comedian
  • Tom Hanks - actor
  • Vin Diesel - actor


Cancer is dependent on emotions and at the same time introverted zodiac sign in the table. These are loving and faithful people who make excellent friends, build strong and long-lasting romantic relationships and perform their job responsibilities well too. However, being very tender-hearted they are often hurt by others, so it is of utmost importance to learn tips on how to relate to the Crab personalities correctly.

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