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20 Clever Bathroom Sinks For Small Spaces

CEO Khai Intela
Sinks designed for small spaces come in various shapes and sizes, offering tailored solutions that meet specific needs. From corner sinks and wall-mounted units to creatively designed vanities and small basin varieties, let’s explore a...

Sinks designed for small spaces come in various shapes and sizes, offering tailored solutions that meet specific needs. From corner sinks and wall-mounted units to creatively designed vanities and small basin varieties, let’s explore a wide range of clever bathroom sinks for small spaces!

Stunning Oval Mirror with Embedded Faucet and Sink

An over the toilet sink

This contemporary bathroom has a stunning oval mirror with a faucet and sink embedded into it. Its unique design creates a sophisticated focal point while cleverly integrating essential elements within the mirror frame. Its unique layout also eliminates the need for separate fixtures, such as a standalone sink or additional faucets. You can also team it up with a sleek vanity or floating shelves to make the most of storage space without taking up precious floor room.

Space-Saving Bathroom with Sink Over the Toilet

An over the toilet sink

This modern, no-fuss bathroom has a compact arrangement that ingeniously utilizes vertical space, combining two essential fixtures within a confined area. Placing the sink directly above the toilet tank frees up valuable floor space that would otherwise be occupied by a separate sink pedestal or vanity. Adding a mirror above the sink is also great for giving the impression of more space by bouncing light around and visually enlarging the area.

Floating Vanity Equipped with a Hidden Internal Drawer for Extra Storage

Tiny floating sink with storage

Aside from its sophisticated silhouette, the best feature of this sink is the concealed drawer beneath the basin. It allows for a clean and uncluttered look while providing invaluable hidden storage space. You can use the drawer to store toiletries, cleaning supplies, or personal items, maintaining a clutter-free area while having essentials within easy reach. A white ceramic surface top, doors, and drawers that close softly, and a concealed internal drawer for added storage - it’s got everything you need!

Compact Bathroom with a Combined Washbasin, Shower, and Bathtub

A simple sink on top of a wooden plank

I love the vibrant color of this space-saving unit but you can also go for neutral colors, including whites, grays, or soft pastel tones. These hues typically create an illusion of spaciousness and tranquility in compact areas. I also suggest making the most of natural light by installing large windows or strategically positioning the unit to take advantage of natural lighting. Floating or wall-mounted vanities beside the washbasin can also create the illusion of a more open space.

River Rock Bathroom Counter and Glass Vessel Sink

Glass sink above the pebbles

This nature-inspired combination introduces a striking visual contrast, blending the organic, earthy texture of the river rocks with the sleek transparency of the glass vessel sink. If you want to recreate this at home, consider placing pendant lights or recessed lighting to enhance the stone’s natural appeal. You can also further embrace the organic theme by adding complementary natural elements such as bamboo accents, wooden shelving, or potted plants to harmonize with the earthy vibe.

Petrified Wood Vessel Sink

Stylish wood design sink

This sink offers a stunning fusion of natural beauty and functionality that you can place in a bathroom or an outdoor area. The unique organic patterns, rich hues, and textural details of the petrified wood make it a stunning centerpiece for any space. I think the natural stone backsplash behind the sink also adds depth and visual interest. Pairing the sink with modern fixtures, sleek faucets, or minimalist hardware can create an interesting contrast, highlighting the sink’s uniqueness.

Wine Barrel Sink

Now, here’s a sink that offers a unique and rustic focal point for any bathroom. Crafted from a repurposed wine barrel, the sink adds a cool touch of history and character, making a distinct statement in bathroom design. This sink is ideal for smaller bathrooms as its rounded shape will fit snugly into corners or against walls. I suggest pairing the sink with custom-built cabinetry or vanities made from reclaimed wood to maintain a cohesive rustic aesthetic.

Natural Stone Sink

Stylish rock design bathroom sink

This sink’s compact size, coupled with its organic textures and earthy hues, makes it an ideal choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a small bathroom. The wall-mounted faucet and accessories also free up counter space and maintain a clean, uncluttered look. Additionally, I love how natural stone sinks, often made from materials like granite or marble, are durable and resistant to wear and tear. This ensures long-lasting functionality in a small bathroom.

Narrow Porcelain Sink with Metal Accents

Bathroom mirror and a sink with storage

This sink’s slender design and metal detailing don’t overwhelm the area, ensuring the room feels more open and less cramped. Its floating design frees up the floor beneath, visually expanding the area and contributing to a spacious feel in small bathrooms. The subtle contrast between the porcelain basin and the metallic accents also brings a hint of elegance, boosting the sink’s overall charm. The LED mirror is a nice touch! It easily brightens the space while highlighting the sink.

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Wooden Art Deco Sink with Ceramic Accents

Floating bathroom sink with drawer

I love the fusion of wood and ceramic on this sink; it creates a striking contrast, adding warmth and texture to the bathroom. The sink’s sleek profile is well-suited for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms. It’s also great that the counter has enough space for essential toiletries. It’s best to balance the sink’s ornate design by keeping the overall bathroom decor relatively minimalistic. This will allow the sink to stand out as the centerpiece of the space.

Tiny Oval Bathroom Sink

Floating bathroom sink with drawer

This small sink is all about smart design made for tight spots, making it a savvy and practical pick. Its tiny size and cool oval shape really make the most of the space. I dig how the counter has a rack for hanging hand towels with ease. I also like the color palette of the room. Light tones such as white, cream, or soft pastels can make any tiny bathroom feel more open and airy.

A simple sink on top of a wooden plank

Despite its smaller size, its sleek and modern appearance adds an elegant touch, enhancing the room’s style without dominating the limited area. It also contrasts wonderfully with the vintage mirror above it. Make sure to install adequate lighting fixtures, such as overhead lights or sconces, to brighten up the sink area. Well-placed lighting can enhance the ambiance and contribute to an open feel in the room.

Standard Sink with a Small Shelf at the Bottom for Storage

This traditional sink offers a blend of practicality and space-saving benefits. For instance, the small shelf beneath the sink optimizes storage in a limited area, providing a convenient spot to store toiletries, towels, or other bathroom essentials. The simple yet functional design of the sink also complements various bathroom styles, from modern to traditional. Its adaptable appearance allows for easy integration into different design aesthetics.

Tiny Bathroom Sinks

Sink on an unused corner space

This sink’s unique triangular design allows it to snugly fit into corners, effectively utilizing the often-unused space. Despite its small size, this sink retains practicality. There’s also ample space for a bottle of handwash, a bar of soap, or a small potted plant. Feel free to utilize the adjacent corner space by adding corner shelves or cabinets. These will provide additional storage for toiletries, towels, or decorative items.

Small sink on bathroom corner

Here’s another corner sink, this time in a mustard hue that injects a pop of color into the bathroom. It adds a lot of character and personality to the space. Its unique color can also complement various design schemes, contributing to a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. The tiling in this bathroom and other design elements, such as the statement mirror at the side, are gorgeous! So much care went to designing this space despite how small it is.

Here’s another tiny sink for small spaces! Its compact, cube-shaped design will fit seamlessly into small or awkward spaces, such as powder rooms or tiny bathrooms. The sleek and minimalist design of the cube sink also adds a contemporary touch. Its clean lines and modern appearance contribute to an uncluttered look. You can maximize counter space by installing a wall-mounted faucet. This frees up the sink for a bottle of handwash or a reed diffuser.

Trendy Sink Cabinet with Two Doors

A sink on top of cabinet with a stand

The sink cabinet’s double-door design provides concealed storage space, allowing you to keep bathroom essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. The trendy design of this sink cabinet also adds a contemporary touch to your bathroom. Its sleek lines, paired with the two-door configuration, create a minimalist yet sophisticated look that complements various decor styles. Don’t forget to choose sleek soap dispensers, minimalist toothbrush holders, or small potted plants to add subtle decorative elements without overwhelming the sink space.

Bespoke Porcelain Sink with Brass Hardware

Floating cabinet with a sink

This sink’s modest size doesn’t compromise on style. The warm tones of brass complement the porcelain, creating a stylish contrast that elevates the overall design. I also love how the lit mirrors and recessed wall shelf create an illusion of depth, making the bathroom feel more expansive. However, I would choose minimalist wall and floor tiling for this bathroom. The patterned tiles make the space look more cramped than it should be.

Compact Chrome Sink and Faucet

A sink on top of a cabinet with a stand

The slim profile of the sink and faucet ensures it doesn’t overpower the limited countertop area. The shiny chrome finish also helps make the room feel bigger by reflecting light everywhere. Also, do you see the washing machine at the side? I love how multifunctional this bathroom is! One thing I would change is the brick-style wallpaper. It doesn’t match the room, especially the marbled countertop. Better to have a solid color wall in light tones.

Minimalist Bathroom Vanity with a Wooden Butler Sink

Wooden bathroom vanity with a built-in sink

This boho chic bathroom combines a wooden butler sink with a streamlined, minimalist vanity. Its compact size fits snugly within smaller spaces while adding an organic and visually appealing element to the area. Other details I’d like to point out are the towel rack at the side of the vanity and the recessed wall on the left side for additional storage options. This is space-conscious design at its best!