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1930s Interiors: A Fresh Perspective on Art Deco

CEO Khai Intela
When we think of 1930s interiors, our minds are often filled with images of black lacquer, gold decorative motifs, and luxurious textiles. We envision the drama of sinuous staircases and lavish boudoirs straight out of...

1930s interiors

When we think of 1930s interiors, our minds are often filled with images of black lacquer, gold decorative motifs, and luxurious textiles. We envision the drama of sinuous staircases and lavish boudoirs straight out of classic Hollywood films like "The Great Gatsby." However, there is more to 1930s Art Deco than meets the eye. In this article, we'll explore a different side of 1930s interiors, one that embraces vibrant colors and a more down-to-earth approach.

A Shift in Perspective

1930s living room advert

While the iconic black and gold aesthetic is undeniably stunning, it may not be suitable for every home. If you find yourself seeking inspiration for a lighter and brighter space, consider exploring alternative 1930s Art Deco interiors. Patrick Baty's blog posts on 1930s paint colors and Papers and Paints, a London-based company specializing in architectural paint and color, offer valuable insights. These resources remind us that the 1930s also celebrated colors like mint and apple green, lemon yellow, and cornflower blue, along with neutral tones like stone, ivory, and cream.

Discovering Unique Inspirations

1930s bathroom

The journey to find inspiration beyond the usual dark and theatrical styles can be challenging. However, exploring images from the 1930s can open up a world of possibilities. Let's take a closer look at some interesting examples:

The Simplicity of Living Rooms

This living room showcases simplicity and an eclectic mix of styles. While it may not suit every space, it invites us to consider storage solutions and creative ways to make everyday items disappear. The classic two-tone patterns on the curtains and chairs add depth and interest, while the blue piping adds a touch of luxury.

A Bathroom From Another Era

1930s lounge - Geffrye Museum

This bathroom captures a transitional period between the 1920s and 1930s. Its frilly curtains and ornate bath area evoke a more country cottage feel, deviating from the typical glamorous city apartment aesthetic associated with Art Deco. It serves as a reminder that not every 1930s interior adhered strictly to the predominant style.

Woods and Mint Green

1930s bathroom

This particular interior, found in the Geffrye Museum in London, immediately catches the eye with its mixture of woods and highlights of mint green. The exquisite geometric fabric on the chairs could serve as inspiration for curtains or upholstery. It beautifully combines various shades of mint green and stone, adding a touch of elegance.

Exploring Nature Motifs

1930s living room - 1 Home Farm Drive, Banbury

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for designers. This interior from National Trust's 1 Home Farm Drive in Banbury showcases the influence of nature motifs. The Cubist-style wallpaper featuring a sunrise motif takes center stage, while the rest of the room maintains simplicity. The straight-lined furniture, such as the sofa, chair, coffee table, and fireplace, creates a harmonious blend.

The Sunshine in Your Kitchen

1930s Kitchen

The 1930s placed great emphasis on health and wellbeing, encouraging time spent outdoors and fresh air. This focus extended to interior design, where designers aimed to create a feeling of being outside. Sunshine yellow and grass green dominated kitchens of the era, creating bright and welcoming spaces. The small and simple lighting fixture enhances the overall look, perfect for low ceilings.

The Journey Continues

With a newfound understanding of the diverse possibilities within 1930s interiors, you can confidently embark on your own design journey. Consider incorporating mint green as your main focus color, bringing a sense of freshness to your space. The challenge lies in finding the perfect fabric for your curtains, but fear not! There are sources like Loome Fabrics that offer a wide range of Art Deco-inspired curtain and upholstery fabrics.

1930s bedroom

As you make decisions for your lounge, remember the importance of functionality and authenticity. Built-in shelving, walnut display cabinets, and carefully chosen furniture pieces can help you create a space that exudes the charm of the 1930s. Take your time, explore vintage fairs, and don't be afraid to mix old and new to achieve the perfect balance.

Embrace the versatile and colorful side of 1930s interiors. Let the spirit of Art Deco guide you as you transform your space into a unique and inviting haven that pays homage to the past while embracing the present. Your lounge is waiting to tell its own 1930s-inspired story.