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18 Simple DIY Drawing and Painting Ideas for Stunning Walls

CEO Khai Intela
Are you tired of your plain, boring walls? Want to add some life and color to your space? Look no further! With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your walls into stunning art...

Are you tired of your plain, boring walls? Want to add some life and color to your space? Look no further! With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your walls into stunning art statements. Not only is it easier than you think, but it's also budget-friendly! So put on your artist hat and get ready for some fun art time. Here are 18 simple DIY drawing and painting ideas to inspire you.

Simple Wall Drawings

1. Gorgeous 5-Minute Leaf Prints

easy simple wall drawings Simple Leaf Print Wall Art

Bring a touch of nature into your living room with this simple and gorgeous artwork. Collect leaves with beautiful vein patterns, apply paint to one side of the leaf, and press it onto paper or cardboard. Once the paint dries, frame your leaf prints and hang them on the wall. Voila! Your walls now boast a stunning natural touch.

2. Abstract Art to the Rescue

simple wall drawing design Simple Abstract Wall Drawing

Who says you need to be a Picasso to create abstract art? With a little playfulness and some help from tutorials, even non-painters like us can create fantastic abstract wall drawings. Experiment with colors and shapes to add a touch of modern elegance to your walls. The best part? You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself.

3. Evergreen Framed Flowers

simple wall art drawings Framed Flower Wall Art

Preserving the delicate beauty of your favorite blooming flowers is now possible with this simple DIY idea. Press and dry the flowers by placing them inside a book, then glue them onto white paper and frame it. Hang your framed floral art piece on the wall for a touch of timeless elegance.

4. A Sophisticated Corner

simple abstract painting Simple Abstract Corner Piece

Got an extra canvas lying around? Put it to use by creating a simple abstract painting to fill that empty corner. Choose a color that complements your living room and watch as it adds interest and sophistication to your space.

5. Standout Line Art

simple wall standout line art Standout Geometric Wall Art

Geometric line arts are not only easy to draw but also stunning to look at. This modern living room set features a white and gold geometric piece that spans across two frames. The sharp angles give it a mid-century modern design vibe, while the gold color adds a touch of elegance. It's the perfect way to achieve a high-end look on a budget.

6. Autumn Leaf Shower

leaf shower wall drawings Autumn Leaf Stencil Art

Add charm to your walls with stencil art. Dive into history and bring old-world charm to your traditional living room or bedroom with simple wall drawings using stencils. The endless patterns and easy reproduction of stencils make them an ideal choice for wall decor.

7. Aesthetic Landscape

landscape wall art Watercolor Landscape Wall Art

Brighten up your walls and create a pleasant atmosphere with watercolor landscape paintings. They not only make fantastic wall decor but also serve as great conversation starters. Don't spend a fortune buying expensive paintings when you can create your own simple yet beautiful landscapes.

8. Bevy of Baskets

bevy of baskets Wall Hanging with Painted Baskets

Add interest to your walls with a well-painted wall hanging made of baskets. Collect baskets of different sizes, paint them as you please, and hang them on the wall. You can give the old wicker baskets a fresh, colorful design for a fun and chic bohemian decor.

DIY Wall Paintings

9. Stunning Vertical Divide

stunning vertical divide wall painting Vertical Color Divide Wall Painting

Introduce a color divide to make your walls more interesting. A combination of warm and cool tones works best for this wall color theme. The contrasting yellow and grey colors in this picture give a stunning and sophisticated look to the living room. Add decor pieces of matching colors to create a seamless look.

10. Colorful Geometry

colorful geometry wall designs Colorful Geometry Wall Design

Create a bold and colorful geometric design on your wall using painter's tape. Carve random sharp shapes and fill each with a different color. Achieve a perfect balance of neutral and bold colors for an ideal home office vibe. With this interesting color scheme, you won't need additional wall decor.

11. Magical Rainbow Arch

magical rainbow arch Magical Rainbow Arch Wall Painting

Who doesn't love a rainbow? Add a touch of magic and elevate the ambiance of any room by painting a rainbow on the wall. The softer shades used in this picture create a calming and soothing effect, making the room feel more spacious and relaxing. It's the perfect way to bring joy to your space.

12. Hushed Tones of Nordic Blue

nordic blue interior Nordic Blue Geometric Wall

Create a refreshing Nordic blue interior with a cool geometric pattern. Divide your wall into sections, use painter's tape to create clean lines, and paint each section with various shades of blue. Opt for light wooden floor tiles to provide a nice contrast to the dark-themed wall and complete the contemporary minimalist look.

13. Stripes with a Twist

Stripes wall painting Stripes with a Twist Wall Painting

Add a unique twist to the classic striped wall design. Use shades of yellow and orange to create a 3D effect, blending perfectly with each other and adding a touch of style to your hallway. It's a simple wall drawing hack that will transform any forgetful corner into a stylish and eye-catching space.

14. Tranquil Peaks for a Serene Bedroom

tranquil peaks for a serene bedroom Mountain Range Wall Painting

Bring the beauty of mountains into your bedroom with this serene wall painting idea. Use shades of blue and green to paint majestic mountain ranges on the wall. This simple wall art will create a cool, calm, and relaxing atmosphere in your room. Get inspired by nature every day and reach new heights!

15. A Colorful Splash

colourful splash wall decor Colorful Splash Wall Decor

Capture attention with this vibrant and unforgettable wall decor idea. Choose two to three bright colors and create a splash effect using water-diluted acrylic paint. The surfboard adds a fun element and gives it a beachy vibe. Keep the rest of the theme minimal to let the colorful splash be the center of attention.

16. Eye-Catching Ombre

eye-catching ombre Eye-Catching Ombre Wall Painting

Create a fascinating look with ombre accent walls. Divide your walls into three equal sections and use shades of darker and lighter paints to achieve the fading effect between sections. The end result is a trendy wall that everyone will love and admire.

17. Bee-utiful Honeycomb Walls

bee-utiful honeycomb walls Honeycomb Wall Pattern

Add texture and personality to your room with a chic and quirky honeycomb pattern. Paint large hexagons in different colors to create a unique and urban look. Make sure to choose colors that complement your interior and match the room's vibe.

18. Partial Diamonds for the Win

traditional diamond walls Partial Diamond Wall Design

Give your walls a unique twist with this diamond pattern idea. Paint only half of the wall with green, black, and cream diamond patterns, while leaving the other half plain. This creates a one-of-a-kind look and prevents the pattern from overpowering the wall. It's a simple and effective way to make your walls stand out.

Now that you've been inspired by these simple DIY drawing and painting ideas, it's time to unleash your creativity and transform your walls into works of art. Don't worry if you're not a professional artist – these ideas are easy to follow and require no special skills. Enjoy the process and watch your walls come to life with beauty and personality!


1. How do I make my walls cute?

Making your walls cute is easier than you think. Add simple wall drawings to your blank walls for a cheap and chic way to add charm. Refer to the blog for 18 simple wall drawing designs and DIY painting ideas that will make your walls irresistibly adorable.

2. Which paint is best for wall drawing?

Acrylic paint is the most preferred choice for simple wall drawings. It's bright, opaque, and quick-drying. Some high-end models even resist water and light. Acrylic paints are versatile and work on all surfaces, making them ideal for your DIY wall art projects.

3. How do I make my plain wall interesting?

You can make your plain walls interesting by adding simple wall drawings or other forms of wall decor. The ideas mentioned above are all simple and can be completed without expert assistance. If drawing is not your thing, you can also use wallpapers or wall hangings to add character to your walls and make them visually appealing.

4. What should I put on my empty walls?

Empty walls offer countless design possibilities. You can add simple wall drawings, large art pieces, printed photos, fabric hangings, accent mirrors, macrame decor, origami paper crafts, floating shelves, or metal and woodcuts. Get creative and let your walls reflect your personal style and taste.