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18 Corner TV Stand Ideas to Maximize Space and Style

CEO Khai Intela
Are you looking for innovative ways to optimize space and enhance the decor of your home? Placing your TV stand in the corner is an excellent solution. Not only does it allow you to make...

Are you looking for innovative ways to optimize space and enhance the decor of your home? Placing your TV stand in the corner is an excellent solution. Not only does it allow you to make the most of your available space, but it also adds a unique and stylish touch to your home. In this article, we will explore 18 creative corner TV stand ideas to inspire you in your quest for the perfect design.

Match Your TV Stand With Your Furniture

When choosing a corner TV unit, it is crucial to consider the style of your existing furniture. Whether you have a modern or traditional decor, a large low modern corner TV stand with drawers and shelves can be the perfect choice. This dark brown wooden piece of furniture not only provides ample storage space for your video and gaming devices but also allows you to showcase decorative objects like candles, portraits, books, and vases.

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Make Sure It's the Right Fit

Consider the room in which you plan to place your TV stand. For living rooms, low corner TV stands are ideal as people usually watch TV from the sofa. Opt for large Nordic metal legs combined with wood for a modern style living room. On the other hand, tall corner TV stands are more suitable for rooms where a lot of storage space is needed, such as kitchens where one often watches television from the dining table.

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Mount the TV on the Wall

Having a TV stand doesn't always mean placing the television on the unit itself. Many people prefer to mount their TV on the wall for various reasons, such as aesthetics and better viewing positions. By mounting the TV on the wall, you can opt for a low TV stand while still achieving a higher viewing position.

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Black Corner TV Stand With Storage

For a touch of sophistication, consider an entirely black corner TV unit with silver handles. If your walls are white or gray and your floor is not too dark, this stylish combination can add elegance to your room. The combination of shelves and cabinets allows you to display objects while breaking up the dark color scheme. Pair it with a patterned light carpet to complete the look.

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Have Sliding Rustic Doors

If your room has a farmhouse-style decoration, you'll love a corner TV stand with rustic sliding barn wooden doors. These doors offer the perfect balance between open and closed storage space. You can use the shelves for decorative objects or store gaming consoles discreetly. To complement this style, match it with a grey handmade rug, as grey goes perfectly with brown.

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Give Your Room a Stylish Look

Your TV stand can be more than just a functional piece of furniture; it can also enhance the overall style of your room. Consider a small and simple TV stand with rectangular contours. By adding golden brass hardware in the corners and drawers, you can transform an ordinary piece into a stylish focal point. Mounting the TV on the wall instead of placing it on the stand will make the cabinet stand out even more.

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Be Creative

If you have limited space or prefer a clean and minimalist look, a metal bracket with a base is an innovative solution. This allows you to place your TV without piercing the wall or cluttering the room with a table. It works exceptionally well in bedrooms or narrow spaces between the bed and the wall.

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Make It Unique by Adding a Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your TV stand is a cozy and unique design choice. Whether it's a real or faux stone digital fireplace, it creates a warm ambiance and adds character to any corner of the room. Consider cabinets with glass doors and interior lights to make the space even more inviting.

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Optimize Space

If your room is small, optimizing space becomes a priority. Choose a wide corner TV unit with ample storage space to accommodate all your electronic devices, room essentials, and other items you need to store. A rustic piece with wood grain detailing adds style to your room, and glass doors help you identify the contents of the unit.

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Make a Small Corner Functional

If you have a small corner in your room, consider placing a 32" or smaller TV there to make the most of the space. Choose a narrow wooden TV stand with shelves and wheels to keep the area uncluttered. Opting for a design without cabinets allows you to maintain a minimalist look, and the wheels make it easy to move the TV stand when needed.

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Floating Corner Flat Screen TV Stand for a Clear Space

A floating corner TV stand is a smart choice if you want to save space and create a clear, uncluttered look in your room. By placing your TV on a floating unit, you can create a sleek corner with minimal furniture or decorative objects. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of furniture or decorative items distributed throughout the room.

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Choose a Cabinet With Glass Doors

For those who want a clean and organized space, a TV stand with glass doors is a great option. You can store books, pictures, or decorative objects while keeping the space free from dust and dirt. Cabinets with glass doors are also ideal for individuals who have trouble remembering where they stored their belongings.

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Make It Simple

If you prefer a minimalistic style, a simple dark brown wooden corner TV stand with long shelves and no cabinets is the perfect choice. Metal Nordic legs add a touch of mid-century modern design to your room. Pair the TV unit with a round coffee table in the same colors and style, and complete the look with a patterned light-colored rug.

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Combine Cabinets and Shelves

A rectangular corner TV unit with long legs, a cabinet, and shelves offers the best of both worlds. You can store cords and other items you don't want visible in the cabinets, while the shelves provide space for decorative objects, books, and other elements you enjoy seeing. This combination creates a balanced and functional space.

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TV Stand for Narrow Corners

If you have limited space due to a nearby window or other similar elements, choose a simple TV unit that fits perfectly in the available space. Opt for a design with legs to create a feeling of spaciousness. Nordic legs are particularly suitable for narrow corners. Combining black and light-brown wood adds interest to the corner without overwhelming it. Keep the space clear and simple for a clean and minimalist look.

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Use the Unexpected Corner

When your largest wall is occupied by a window, finding the right spot for your TV can be a challenge. In such cases, consider placing a fairly narrow corner TV stand next to the window. This allows you to watch television comfortably from the sofa and creates a more logical furniture arrangement for the room.

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Choose a Wooden Corner TV Stand for a Cozy Room

If the fireplace is the main focal point of your room, keep your TV stand low-profile and in the corner. A solid dark wood TV stand complements the cozy style of the room while allowing the fireplace to remain the main element. This combination brings warmth and charm to your space.

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Add a Touch of White

For a light and modern farmhouse look, consider a white small corner TV stand with metal handles and black details. This stand adds a touch of brightness to the room and can be paired with a patterned carpet and a plant for added color. Its small cabinets and short legs contribute to a minimalist and functional design.

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Some Final Words

Corners are often overlooked when it comes to home decoration. However, by choosing the right corner TV stand, you can transform these underutilized spaces into beautiful and functional areas. Consider factors such as height, viewing distance, furniture style combinations, and materials when selecting your TV stand. We hope these 18 corner TV stand ideas have inspired you to create stunning and practical corners in your home.

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