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13 Sleek and Chic Oriental Style Room Ideas: Transform Your Space with Asian Elegance

CEO Khai Intela
The allure of the Far East has captivated and inspired us for centuries. The elegant and ethnic interior design elements from East Asia continue to enchant us, making it no surprise that many of us...

The allure of the Far East has captivated and inspired us for centuries. The elegant and ethnic interior design elements from East Asia continue to enchant us, making it no surprise that many of us want to infuse our homes with a touch of eastern promise. If you're seeking inspiration for your home decor, look no further than the enchanting world of oriental style rooms.

What is Oriental Style Interior Design?

Oriental style interior design encompasses a wide range of styles, from Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian to Japanese themes. This design approach draws on centuries-old Asian influences, blending traditional and contemporary elements to create mesmerizing spaces. No two rooms look the same in an oriental-themed house, with each one offering a unique fusion of Eastern traditions and modern aesthetics.

Chinese-style interior spaces focus on creating harmony, color, and fine crafts. Floral motifs and prints are synonymous with this style, and a statement wall in a vibrant color paired with soft furnishings adds a modern edge. Bamboo bedding and wooden furniture are also key features, often combined with bold colored accents for a greater impact.

Let the Inspiration Begin: 13 Oriental Style Room Ideas

  1. Create A Natural Backdrop To truly embrace the Asian-themed interior, go beyond furniture and decor. Incorporate authentic elements like indoor plants and wooden fixtures to elevate the exotic feel. Take inspiration from this Chinese-style room where a potted tree transforms the space, creating a serene atmosphere.

  2. Embrace Minimalism Sleek symmetry, well-defined lines, and minimalist decor are essential in zen-inspired rooms. The oriental style of interior design effortlessly incorporates minimalism into simplicity. By avoiding unnecessary furniture and keeping the room clutter-free, you can achieve a zen-like ambiance.

  3. Think Order and Flow In Chinese and Japanese cultures, order and flow are important elements of interior design. Feng Shui, the philosophy of creating harmony through space organization, is deeply rooted in these traditions. When decorating your Asian-themed rooms, consider the flow and placement of furniture to optimize energy and create a peaceful atmosphere.

  4. Lattices and Chinoiserie Wallpapers Lattices and floral wallpapers are trademarks of Chinese-style homes, symbolizing the Far East culture. These elements can be used on walls, screens, headboards, furniture, and beds. Incorporating lattices and chinoiserie designs adds a touch of luxury and meticulous detailing to your space.

  5. Dark Flooring in Zen Style To maintain a natural and zen-like theme, opt for dark grey flooring in modern living or dining rooms. Wood, tile, or stone flooring can be used to achieve harmony with neutral walls. In traditional living rooms, tatami mats or pure wool rugs can be added to divide spaces and enhance comfort.

  6. A Blend of Vivid Colors Asian styles are known for their rich and vivid colors. Accentuate your Chinese-themed interior with bold wall colors, vibrant window coverings, and colorful furniture. The lovely shades of blue, orange, and teal exemplify the Chinese style and create a visually striking space.

  7. It’s All About Balance Balance is key in oriental-style interiors. When choosing colors and textures for your living room, aim for the right harmony. Wooden flooring, seating, partitions, and other organic textures contribute to a balanced environment. This Japanese-style room showcases the perfect balance between low seating, a white wall, and wooden flooring.

  8. A Water Feature is a Must Introduce a sense of tranquility to your Asian-inspired interiors with a water feature. In Feng Shui, the sound of flowing water is associated with harmony and positive thinking. Add an indoor fountain pot or other water features to create a welcoming and calming ambiance.

  9. Add Lanterns to Accentuate the Theme Lighting is a crucial element in Asian-themed interiors. Stylish paper or wicker lanterns not only enhance the visual appeal of the room but also accentuate the oriental theme. Hang lanterns made from rice paper, wood, bamboo, or silk in your living room or bedroom for an authentic touch.

  10. Use Organic and Natural Textures Eco-conscious homeowners will appreciate the use of natural textures in Asian design. In your bedroom, incorporate a wicker headboard, intricately woven cushions, a bamboo bed, a bamboo side table, and a wicker lamp. These organic textures bring nature's goodness into your space, creating a sustainable and authentic Asian ambiance.

  11. Shoji Screens to Separate Spaces Shoji screens have been used for centuries in Japanese interiors to divide spaces. Incorporating these rice paper screens into your large-size room can instantly add an authentic touch. Whether you live in a contemporary or traditional home, there are various versions of shoji screens that can serve as sliding doors for closets and adjoining rooms.

  12. A Typical Asian-style Bedroom A typical Asian-themed bedroom combines nature, minimalism, and carefully chosen color schemes to create a peaceful atmosphere. This contemporary bedroom exemplifies Asian-inspired elements, such as wicker cushions and lighting, an exotic cactus plant, colorful wall art, and a wooden headboard. The blend of natural textures and bold colors creates a soothing and botanically-themed space.

  13. A Typical Asian-style Living Room Achieve harmony and balance in your Asian-style living room by incorporating wood, stone, glass, bamboo, and other natural materials. This modern and luxurious Chinese-style living room showcases rich colors that complement cream seating and flooring. Bright accent hues are incorporated, bringing vibrancy to the space while maintaining an overall sense of harmony.

So, go ahead and embrace the elegance and serenity of oriental style rooms. Incorporate these ideas into your home decor to create a tranquil and chic space that reflects the mesmerizing beauty of Asian design.