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13 Children's Beds with Storage to Keep the Bedroom Clutter-Free

CEO Khai Intela
Let's face it: Kids have a lot of stuff. Clothes, bedding, toys, and more seem to accumulate endlessly. That's why having storage solutions in their bedrooms is so important. Bookshelves and toy bins can help...

Maximize your child

Let's face it: Kids have a lot of stuff. Clothes, bedding, toys, and more seem to accumulate endlessly. That's why having storage solutions in their bedrooms is so important. Bookshelves and toy bins can help keep everything organized, at least until the next playtime.

One great way to maximize bedroom storage is by investing in a bed that has storage built right in. From bookshelf headboards to underbed drawers, there are plenty of options available. Here's our guide to 13 of the best children's beds with storage.

1. South Shore Tiara Loft Bed with Desk

This loft bed has four built-in shelves.

If you're working with limited space and have a tween or teen who loves to collect things, the South Shore Tiara loft bed is perfect for them. It features four built-in drawers, a closet with a hanging bar, three open shelves, and a retractable work surface for homework. Plus, there's a hideout space under the bed that can double as a playhouse.

2. Prepac Mate's Platform Storage Bed with Drawers

This bed comes in four colors.

For a sleek and convenient option, consider the Prepac Mate's platform storage bed. It comes in four colors and is equipped with three underbed storage drawers that have safety stops for smooth opening and closing. This bed is not only practical but also easy to clean, making it perfect for any kid's room.

3. Malcolm Wood Storage Bed

This bed is easy to hand down from one kid to the next.

Crate & Barrel's Malcolm bed is a space-saving sensation. It features an underbed storage drawer and bookshelves built into both sides of the headboard. The gender-neutral natural oak finish makes it suitable for passing down from child to child, and its modern design ensures that it will be loved by kids of all ages.

4. Rhomtree Twin Captain's Storage Daybed with Trundle

This trundle bed will be perfect for sleepovers.

Sleepovers are a favorite activity for many kids, and the Rhomtree captain's daybed is designed to make them even more enjoyable. Made of sturdy wood, it features a hideaway trundle and three underbed storage drawers. With four different finishes to choose from, you can find the perfect bed to match your child's room decor.

5. South Shore Flexible Platform Bed with Baskets

Keep storage baskets accessible with this bed.

If you're a storage basket enthusiast, the South Shore Flexible platform bed is for you. This bed has a solid foundation of storage cube-sized shelving units, allowing you to keep your favorite baskets within reach. With different sizes available, you can easily stack books or store toys and stuffed animals in these convenient cubbies.

6. Max & Lily Modern Farmhouse Low Loft Twin Bed

Look for a built-in drawer and shelves with this model.

For fans of farmhouse style, the Max & Lily Modern Farmhouse low loft bed is a perfect choice. It comes with built-in drawer and shelf storage. The underbed space can be utilized as a desk area or as a fun secret fort. Made of solid wood and available in three different finishes, this bed is as sturdy as it is stylish.

7. Shyann Twin Over Twin Solid Wood Standard Bunk Bed

Imagine all the dramatic ascents up this staircase.

If you have multiple kids sharing a room or your child loves having sleepovers, the Shyann Twin Over Twin bunk bed is a great option. This bed features a real staircase to access the top bunk and a trundle bed underneath the bottom bunk. With three shelves built into the staircase, extra storage space is readily available.

8. Softsea Twin Storage Bed with Headboard and Footboard

This bed offers spacious underbed drawers.

Softsea's captain's bed takes underbed storage to the next level. With six spacious drawers installed under the twin bed, there's plenty of space to store clothes, toys, and other treasures. This bed is a practical choice for smaller bedrooms and offers the luxury of tucking away items right where your child sleeps.

9. Reston Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

The top bunk

Every kid loves a bunk bed, and the Reston Twin Over Full bunk bed is a perfect choice. It features two large underbed storage drawers and is built with solid wood. With four different colors to choose from and guardrails on the top bunk, this bed combines style, functionality, and safety.

10. Twin Cyprienne 6-drawer Solid Wood Daybed with Bookcase

Keep books proudly on display.

For the little bookworms out there, the Harriet Bee Twin Cyprienne daybed is a dream come true. It boasts a deep bookshelf right alongside the bed, providing easy access to your child's favorite reads. Additionally, the bed comes with six drawers for storing clothes, linens, or even more books. With two color options, including a weathered gray, this bed is both functional and stylish.

11. Tiara Twin Three-drawer Platform Bed with Bookcase

Look out for these jewel-like drawer handles.

If you're looking for a bed with a touch of flair, the South Shore Tiara platform bed is a perfect choice. It features underbed storage drawers, a bookcase headboard, and a lovely crown-inspired motif. The jewel-like handles on the drawers and the intricately carved footboard create a bed fit for a princess.

12. Hagen Twin Solid Wood Loft Bed with Bookcase

Get a lofted bed without a lot of height.

If you love Pottery Barn style but not the price tag, the Hagen Twin loft bed is a great alternative. It features louvered drawers, open shelves, and slat details. The cabinets and shelves provide additional storage space, and the guardrail ensures safety during sleep. Made from solid wood and available in white or gray, this loft bed offers both style and functionality.

13. DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase

Add a study area to the bedroom with this lofted bed.

For those looking to maximize floor space, the DHP Studio Loft bunk bed is a perfect choice. Made of sturdy metal, this loft bed creates a comfortable study area underneath, complete with multiple shelves for books and other treasures. Whether it's at home or in a dorm room, this bed offers space-saving functionality and comes in three finishes to suit any decor.

There you have it, 13 incredible children's beds with built-in storage options. With these beds, you can create a clutter-free and organized bedroom that both you and your child will love. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to a clean and functional space for your little one to rest and play!