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12 Craft Cabinet Options To Safely Store Your Supplies

CEO Khai Intela
2020 has been a year of self-discovery as we spend more time at home. Finding ways to make every minute count can be a challenge, but one solution is to explore new hobbies. Arts and...

2020 has been a year of self-discovery as we spend more time at home. Finding ways to make every minute count can be a challenge, but one solution is to explore new hobbies. Arts and crafts, in particular, can be a fantastic way to pass the time while stimulating and therapeutic for many people. However, storing art supplies can be a daunting task, considering the varied sizes and shapes of these items. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing craft cabinet options available to help you organize your supplies effectively.

Craft Stations: Making the Most of Limited Space

Most of us don't have the luxury of a dedicated craft room, but that doesn't mean we can't create our own craft station. Take, for example, the HOMCOM craft station. This storage facility offers overhead cabinets, lower cabinets, and a slide-out drawer to keep all your tools within reach. With a sizable crafting surface, it provides the perfect workspace for your projects.

Small Compartments: Neatly Organizing Your Tools

Craft cabinets require small but numerous compartments to store art supplies efficiently. Unlike regular storage solutions, craft cabinets have compartments designed to accommodate the varying shapes and sizes of art supplies. This Scandinavian design, popularized by Ikea, remains a favorite due to its sleek and fashionable look. Its stark white tone complements any room, and the carved panels add a touch of sophistication.

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Craft Organizers: Perfect for Small Items

Craft organizers with multiple compartments are ideal for storing small items like sewing materials. These organizers come in a variety of drawer sizes, allowing for greater flexibility in storage. Mounting them on the wall can help save desk or floor space.

Multi-Purpose Furniture: Combining Functionality and Storage

Multi-purpose furniture is a great space-saving solution, and when it comes to craft tables, more is generally better. For example, the South Shore craft table offers two large storage modules and a wide drawer to hold all your tools when not in use. Having everything within easy reach makes crafting more enjoyable and efficient.

Mobile Craft Cabinets: Flexibility on the Move

If you prefer working on the move, a mobile craft cabinet with wheels might be the perfect solution. It allows you to easily move your crafting station anywhere in your home, providing the flexibility to work wherever it suits you best. After use, you can easily stow away the mobile cabinet, ensuring it doesn't take up unnecessary space.

Foldable Craft Tables: Compact and Convenient

Foldable craft tables are lifesavers for those with limited space. They can be expanded into large workspaces when needed and folded away to a more compact form when not in use. The Sew Ready craft table, for example, offers multiple cabinets and a considerable workspace that can be put away whenever you want.

Aesthetically Pleasing Craft Cabinets: Inspiring Creativity

A well-organized craft station can inspire you to unleash your creativity. A wooden desktop organizer, like the one shown above, adds warmth and beauty to your workspace. While plastic storage options are practical, nothing beats the sophistication and charm of wood.

Slim Storage Carts: Handy and Versatile

Slim storage carts with little holders on the side, like this one, are perfect for crafters who work with paper and twine. Not only do they provide ample storage options, but they also add a touch of freshness with their crisp white finish. The flexibility of storage compartments ensures you can make the most of this craft storage option.

Unconventional Craft Organizers: Adding a Decorative Accent

Craft organizers can serve as decorative accents in your room, as shown by this option from Hyggehaus. With its asymmetry and funky details, it adds a lively touch to your workspace. Despite its unconventional look, the different-sized drawers offer convenient storage for almost any tool or material you can imagine.

Luxurious Craft Tables: Beauty with Functionality

Sauder offers craft storage cabinets that are both luxurious and functional. These craft tables enhance the beauty of any room with their elegant wooden paneling. The black caster wheels and ample storage space ensure convenience and ease of use.

Compact Storage Carts: A Ton of Storage Options

For a slimmer and more compact storage option, Best Choice Products has you covered. Its all-white frame is beautifully contrasted by warm-toned wooden hooks, adding variety to the things it can store. This versatile workstation is suitable for a range of hobbies, including art and crafts, cooking, and baking.

Arts and crafts are not only a great way to pass the time but also an opportunity for bonding with family and friends. With the right craft cabinets, you can keep your space clean and free of clutter while exploring your artistic side. Discovering the type of crafts that suit you best is a journey, but having an organized workspace will make the experience even more enjoyable.