10 Interior Design Trends of 2022: A Year of Inspiration and Transformation

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Image: Alejandría Clinic / ERRE arquitectura. Image © David Zarzoso As we bid farewell to 2022, we reflect on a year that brought forth new adaptations in the way we live, work, and interact with...

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 1 of 46 Image: Alejandría Clinic / ERRE arquitectura. Image © David Zarzoso

As we bid farewell to 2022, we reflect on a year that brought forth new adaptations in the way we live, work, and interact with our built environment. After facing unprecedented changes, our design identity this year can be described as eclectic and diverse. Drawing inspiration from foreign travels, immersive virtual worlds, and a deep connection with nature, the trends of 2022 were influenced by platforms that promote individualism and a generation known for its bold perspectives.

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Several interior design trends from 2020 and 2021 continued to dominate the scene in 2022. Elements of biophilia, with their emphasis on incorporating nature into our spaces, along with curved forms and muted color palettes, remained popular. Spending more time indoors over the past couple of years made us prioritize emotional, physical, and mental well-being, influencing our preferences for functional, appealing, calm, and playful spaces that maintain a connection to the outdoors.

Throughout 2022, we witnessed a dynamic world, be it economic, environmental, or social, that showcased a blend of pre-pandemic familiarity and newly-introduced behaviors. Many trend forecasters predicted a return to the Roaring 20s, where people emerged from war, burdens, and restrictions, embracing a sense of liberation, exaggeration, and charm. Alongside socio-political events and the rise of the metaverse, the trends seen in interior, graphic, fashion, and web design revolved around inclusivity, fluidity, understated-yet-vibrant features, and a reverence for Mother Earth, among others.

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 37 of 46 Image: Alaçati Stone House / Erdem Hamza Architecture. Image © 645 Studio

In 2022, a myriad of interior design trends emerged, some fresh and innovative, while others were reimagined from previous movements. Furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, and partitions drew inspiration from organic and sculptural forms found in nature. In the realm of retail and hospitality design, architects and designers were challenged to create visual and physical narratives that tell the story behind brands. Nostalgic design movements from the past were reintroduced to fit a contemporary context. Open spaces were reimagined through the use of elevated platforms, low-rise partitions, and contrasts in flooring materials, creating a virtual separation while maintaining visual inclusivity. Color palettes, material selections, and accessories were heavily influenced by the geographical features of the desert.

Now, let's delve into the 10 design trends that shaped the interior spaces of 2022.

Storytelling through Design

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 10 of 46 Image: Moreschi Walking Pleasure / Migliore+Servetto Architects. Image © Andrea Martiradonna

Design became a powerful tool for storytelling in 2022. Spaces were crafted to evoke emotions, memories, and narratives that resonate with the users. Whether it's through the use of expressive visuals, carefully curated objects, or strategic spatial arrangements, design became a language that communicates the essence of a brand, a place, or an experience.

Blast from the Past

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 35 of 46 Image: sted Dessert Café / design by 83. Image © Donggyu Kim

Nostalgia took center stage in 2022, as design movements from the past were reintroduced with a contemporary twist. Mid-century modern, art deco, and other vintage styles made a comeback, reflecting a desire for familiarity, comfort, and a connection to history. These nostalgic elements were seamlessly blended with modern design sensibilities, resulting in spaces that exude a sense of timelessness.

Organic and Sculptural Forms

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 45 of 46 Image: Dreamscape Apartment / Red5studio. Image © Đỗ Sỹ

Nature-inspired organic and sculptural forms made their mark in 2022, adorning furniture, lighting fixtures, and partitions. These curvaceous and fluid shapes brought a sense of harmony and serenity to interior spaces. By blurring the boundaries between the natural and the man-made, these forms created a visually captivating and immersive experience that reconnects us with the beauty of the world outside.

Reimagined Open Spaces

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 32 of 46 Image: The Hem House / Portal 92. Image © Niveditaa Gupta

In 2022, the concept of open spaces was reimagined. Rather than relying on continuous unobstructed interiors, designers embraced elevated platforms, low-rise partitions, and variations in flooring materials to create a sense of "virtual" separation between different areas while maintaining a visual connection. This innovative approach allowed for the creation of dynamic, multifunctional spaces that adapt to various activities and user needs.

Glass Blocks

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 2 of 46 Image: Flink Pangyo Bakery Cafe / GGJH. Image © Yoo Chun | Park

Glass blocks made a striking statement in 2022, bringing a touch of transparency and luminosity to interior spaces. These versatile building elements were used to create partitions, walls, and other architectural features, allowing natural light to penetrate and create a play of shadows and reflections. The use of glass blocks added a modern and dynamic aesthetic while maintaining privacy and spatial division.


10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 19 of 46 Image: Electric Pawn Shop / Accent Design Group. Image © Augustine Paredes

Bright and vibrant neon lights brought a pop of color and a sense of energy to interior spaces in 2022. Neon signs and installations became a popular choice for adding a touch of playfulness and personality to various commercial and hospitality spaces. From restaurants to bars and retail stores, neon lights created a captivating atmosphere that lured visitors and created unforgettable experiences.

Tiling Everywhere

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 29 of 46 Image: Cenchi Coffee / SpaceStation. Image © Weiqi Jin

Tiles took center stage in 2022, adorning walls, floors, and even ceilings. The use of intricate and colorful tiles added texture, pattern, and visual interest to interior spaces. From geometric patterns to traditional motifs, tiling became a means of self-expression and a way to infuse character and personality into each space. Whether it's a small accent or an entire surface covered in tiles, this trend brought a sense of artistry and craftsmanship to interior design.

Inspired by the Desert

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 39 of 46 Image: Erth Restaurant / BONE. Image © Oculis Project

The mesmerizing landscapes of the desert served as a rich source of inspiration in 2022. Earthy color palettes, natural materials, and desert-inspired textures were embraced to create warm, inviting, and tranquil spaces. The use of sand tones, terracotta hues, and tactile surfaces evoked a sense of calm and serenity reminiscent of the vast desert landscape. This trend celebrated the beauty of nature and our connection to the earth.

"A Little Bit of Everything" Décor

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 5 of 46 Image: Maison Colbert / Chris Dyson Architects + Buchanan Studio. Image © Edmund Sumner

In 2022, mixing and matching different styles, colors, and textures became a delightful way to create unique and personalized spaces. Eclectic décor, characterized by its fusion of various design elements and influences, allowed for the expression of individuality and the creation of spaces that reflect the diverse tastes and interests of the occupants. This trend showcased the beauty of unexpected combinations and the power of self-expression through design.

Highlighted Skeletons

10 Interior Design Trends of 2022 - Image 12 of 46 Image: Gama House / Studio ArquitetUras. Image © Julia Novoa

The structural framework of buildings took on a prominent role in interior design in 2022. Exposed beams, columns, and other architectural elements became focal points, showcasing the beauty of the underlying structure. By highlighting these skeletons, designers celebrated the raw and industrial aesthetic, creating a sense of authenticity and embracing the imperfections that make each space unique.

These 10 interior design trends of 2022 have shaped a year of inspiration, transformation, and self-expression. From storytelling through design to reimagined open spaces, each trend has left an indelible mark on the way we create and experience our built environment. As we embrace the future, let these trends serve as a reminder of the power of design to shape our lives and evoke emotional connections.

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