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The 10 Most Expansive Ranches for Sale in America

CEO Khai Intela
As the summer season heats up, it's time to take a look at the vast and captivating ranches available for sale across the United States. These sprawling properties offer a combined acreage of over a...

As the summer season heats up, it's time to take a look at the vast and captivating ranches available for sale across the United States. These sprawling properties offer a combined acreage of over a million acres, showcasing the rich diversity of land in the country. From Nevada to Montana, Texas to New Mexico, let's explore the ten biggest ranches currently on the market.

10. 60,000 Acres - 26 Ranch, Nevada

2-2721450432-1024x470 Image: 60,171+/- acres within 26 Ranch, Nevada

Covering 60,171 deeded acres, the 26 Ranch in Nevada spans across Humboldt, Lander, and Euerka Counties. This historic ranch is one of the state's oldest and largest, currently leased by 26 Ranch. With its prime location and ideal grazing land, it's the perfect opportunity for those looking to invest in expansive ranching operations.

9. 61,497 Acres - Cable Creek Ranch, Oregon

2-3737854870-600x416 Image: Cable Creek Ranch, Oregon

Nestled in the Blue Mountain Range of Northeast Oregon, Cable Creek Ranch boasts a sprawling 61,497 acres. This working cattle ranch includes a 27,000-acre forest service grazing allotment and has historically maintained a significant livestock operation. Surrounded by National Forests, the ranch offers a longer growing season and an abundance of natural beauty.

8. 64,809 Acres - Mesa Vista Ranch, Texas

2-3738221070-1-600x432 Image: Mesa Vista Ranch, Texas

Originally owned by renowned oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, Mesa Vista Ranch encompasses a vast 64,809 acres in the Texas Panhandle. With approximately 25 miles of Canadian River frontage, this ranch offers stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. Its impressive history and extensive acreage make it a true gem for discerning buyers.

7. 69,550 Acres - Marton Ranch, Wyoming

2-2721423921-600x405 Image: Marton Ranch, Wyoming

Marton Ranch in Wyoming is a resource-rich working livestock ranch, spanning 69,550 acres. With eight miles of North Platte River frontage and an abundance of creeks, wells, springs, and reservoirs, this property offers ample water resources. The ranch's diverse habitat supports various wildlife, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

6. 69,823 Acres - Rimrock Ranch, New Mexico

2-3755150187-600x450 Image: Rimrock Ranch, New Mexico

Steeped in New Mexico's rich history, Rimrock Ranch is a truly remarkable property. Spanning 69,823 acres, it offers breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, and excellent infrastructure. With its perfect blend of mesas, valleys, and plains, this working livestock ranch is an ideal investment opportunity for those seeking a slice of southwestern charm.

5. 94,289 Acres - O X Ranch, Arizona

2-3739393395-600x400 Image: O X Ranch, Arizona

The O X Ranch in Arizona is a beautifully improved desert ranch, designed for efficient livestock operations. Situated close to the town of Wickenburg, it offers all the amenities of a small town while providing a tranquil desert experience. With a mix of range land and irrigated pastures, this ranch is versatile enough to accommodate both cattle and horse operations.

4. 98,424 Acres - Continental Divide Ranch, Wyoming

2-3746077215-600x398 Image: Continental Divide Ranch, Wyoming

Offered by Mirr Ranch Group, the Continental Divide Ranch is an exceptional working ranch located in south-central Wyoming. Its vast 98,424-acre expanse features irrigated hay meadows along the North Platte River and pockets of pine and aspen draws in the Haystack Mountains. With five miles of river frontage and excellent fishing opportunities, this ranch is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

3. 126,000 Acres - IX Ranch, Montana

2-3757633844-600x400 Image: IX Ranch, Montana

Set in the rolling prairie land of north-central Montana, the IX Ranch is a true legacy ranch. With its rich history spanning over 128 years and only two owners, it is currently owned and operated by the Roths family. This ranch offers a thriving cattle operation and abundant hunting opportunities, making it a sought-after destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. 169,658 Acres - La Cienga Ranch, Arizona

2-3750046319-600x450 Image: La Cienga Ranch, Arizona

Located at the convergence of the Mohave and Sonoran Deserts, La Cienga Ranch is a picturesque working cattle ranch. Boasting excellent water sources and year-round feed, this ranch offers a perfect balance of desert landscapes and panoramic mountain views. With its abundant wildlife and tastefully updated headquarters, it's an idyllic retreat for those seeking a peaceful desert lifestyle.

1. 256,000 Acres - Turkey Track Ranch, New Mexico

2-2720418904-600x400 Image: Turkey Track Ranch, New Mexico

At the top of the list is Turkey Track Ranch, an iconic cattle ranch that has been under the same family ownership since 1947. Spanning three southeastern New Mexico counties, this historic ranch covers 36,582 deeded acres, 49,433 NM State Lease acres, and 169,926 Federal BLM Lease acres. With its extensive acreage and rich ranching heritage, it presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

These ten expansive ranches represent the epitome of American landownership. With their breathtaking landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and rich histories, they offer a unique chance to invest in a truly remarkable way of life.

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