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10 Best Commercial Property Websites: Stand Out from the Crowd

CEO Khai Intela
Are you in the commercial real estate business and looking to up your game when it comes to marketing? In today's competitive landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for success. Commercial property websites...

Are you in the commercial real estate business and looking to up your game when it comes to marketing? In today's competitive landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for success. Commercial property websites have become a must-have tool for promoting office spaces, redevelopment projects, and existing opportunities. At AQUILA, we understand the importance of a well-designed website, and we have curated a list of our favorite commercial property websites to inspire you.

1. Hudson Yards New York: A User-Friendly Showcase

Hudson Yards New York

Located on Manhattan's West Side, Hudson Yards is the largest private real estate development in the U.S. This website stands out for its user-friendly interface, stunning imagery, and compelling content that tells the story of the property. One standout feature is the "Stories of Hudson Yards" page, which showcases personal experiences and highlights local heroes. The inclusion of videos, such as a music video by The Chainsmokers featuring the iconic staircase, adds an extra layer of engagement. Our only suggestion would be to make leasing inquiries more prominent on the site.

2. Eastline: Connecting with the Community


Eastline, located in Oakland, California, uses its website to connect with the local community and share the story of the property. By dedicating a page to the neighborhood's history and community impact, Eastline creates a sense of belonging and revitalization. The inclusion of interactive elements and user-friendly navigation ensures visitors can easily access essential information.

3. Uptown Station: Stylish and Engaging

Uptown Station

Uptown Station, another Oakland-based development, captures attention with its clean design and consistent styling. The homepage features a captivating background video that takes visitors on a journey through the property. The website's seamless navigation guides users directly to the leasing pages, where they can find floorplans, photo galleries, and brochures.

4. 7700 Parmer: Clean Design and Key Highlights

7700 Parmer

Our own website, 7700 Parmer in Austin, Texas, showcases clean design, user-friendly navigation, and a focus on highlighting the property's strengths. By presenting high-value amenities, such as an on-site cafe and extensive fitness facilities, 7700 Parmer offers a campus atmosphere for tenants. The website's simplicity allows visitors to find relevant information quickly.

5. MetCenter: Interactive and Cost-Effective


MetCenter, a business park in Austin, Texas, stands out for its interactive elements and user-focused content. The "Economics" page effectively showcases how the property offers cost-effective solutions for tenants. Interactive maps highlight building locations and amenities, helping prospective tenants find the perfect space for their businesses. The addition of lifestyle videos could further enhance the website's appeal.

6. Avery Centre: Content-Rich and Interactive

Avery Centre

Avery Centre, a mixed-use community development in Round Rock, Texas, impresses with its content, user-friendly navigation, and interactive elements. The homepage's "Vision" section provides easy access to essential information about the development, including the master plan and surrounding employers. Interactive maps showcase completed and under-construction projects, creating an engaging experience for visitors.

7. Westview: Vibrant Imagery and Location Focus


Westview, an office redevelopment in Austin, Texas, captures attention with its use of vibrant imagery and a focus on location. The website's homepage features stunning images of the property, including a captivating sunset above the capitol. By incorporating people into their images, Westview adds a human element to the property, making it more relatable.

8. RiverSouth: Clear CTAs and Compelling Imagery


RiverSouth, an office development in Austin, Texas, stands out for its clear calls to action (CTAs) and compelling imagery. The website strategically positions CTAs at the top of the page, ensuring they remain visible while users explore the site. The informative diagram highlights important features and amenities, making it easier for prospective tenants to understand the property's value.

9. Red Hoek Point: Animated and Location-Focused

Red Hoek Point

Red Hoek Point, a waterfront office campus in Brooklyn, New York, captures attention with its creative animations and vibrant imagery. An animated map showcases the building's location relative to popular spots and transportation options, adding character and value. The website effectively highlights the property's waterfront advantage and connects the location to its overall appeal.

10. CityLine: Speaking to Multiple Audiences


CityLine, a vibrant mixed-use development in Dallas, Texas, impresses with its ability to engage multiple audiences. The website dedicates a section to events within the development, showcasing its vibrancy and drawing a large audience. Captivating imagery, featuring delicious food and open outdoor areas, instantly grabs attention. Additionally, a page dedicated to surrounding parks and trails highlights the community's amenities.

Conclusion: Inspire and Elevate Your Property Websites

While we could only showcase a handful of impressive commercial property websites, we hope they inspire you to take your own website to the next level. A well-designed and user-friendly website can make all the difference for your commercial real estate marketing efforts. Remember to focus on engaging content, clear calls to action, and visually appealing design. For more property marketing inspiration and education, visit the Marketing Your Commercial Property section of the AQUILA Learning Center.

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